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If you insist on a truly authentic taste, then it pays to order from Trenton's local pros. Jersey Boy Pork Roll is owned and operated by real New Jersey natives who love eating and preparing these meats as much as they love selling them. Make sure you're getting the genuine Trenton pork roll diner experience with every bite by getting all of your deli selections right here on the pages of!

Our Taylor, Loeffler and Cases pork roll selection is packed with all of your most familiar favorites, and they're all priced at reasonable, competitive rates. Ordering online is easy and secure, we offer all of our shipping information right up front on the main page and you'll receive your order very quickly, ensuring that your rolls are just as fresh as the day they left the producer's shop!

The Best of Cases Pork Roll

Whether you like it pre-sliced or whole, smoky or sweet, we've got it listed right here at the right price. We just can't get enough of Cases pork roll products, and neither can our customers. We're not surprised that we have so much repeat business; our meats have a reputation throughout this area for being extraordinarily addictive! Whenever your craving starts acting up, let Jersey Boy Pork Roll satisfy it with a fast and fresh shipment of all your familiar favorites. You can mix and match products up to three pounds of total weight for one low shipping price! Just refer to the main page for all the details, and don't hesitate to call us toll free at 1-800-943-5977 if you have any questions or wish to pay for your order by check.

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