Jersey Boy Pork Roll

Taylor Ham Pork Roll Direct

Maybe you like it the classic way, served on a bun with egg and cheese. Perhaps you prefer to slice up your Taylor ham pork roll to top your best burgers. But no matter how you like to prepare it, there's only one way to order it and ensure the highest quality. To set up your direct link to the unbeatable flavor that only Taylors pork roll can provide, add to your favorites folder right now. Whenever your stock starts to run low, just log on and order up another big batch of the best tasting meat that money can buy. We'll be happy to package it with care and send it directly to you, so that you can be the chef and serve it up however you like!

Stock Up On Taylors Pork Roll

We're all about making it easy and economical to order and enjoy the best meat on the planet. If you'd like to be able to prepare the real Taylors pork roll whenever you get the craving, just take advantage of our ideal selection and shipping methods. You can combine items on this site while maintaining one low shipping rate and store these products in your fridge or freezer so that they're ready when you are. Every Taylor ham pork roll keeps excellently in the freezer when properly stored, so there's no reason to not stock up and make sure you're ready for the long haul. Please take a few moments to explore Taylor products on our site for more details on the products, shipping services and the meats themselves. And if you have anything to ask our knowledgeable staff, just use the online e-mail form provided in the Contact Us section or call us directly and toll free at 1-800-943-5977!

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