Jersey Boy Pork Roll

The Trenton Pork Roll Experts

The pros behind know all that there is to know about these legendary and mouth-watering meats. If you'd like to learn a little more about just what makes a Loeffler pork roll or Trenton pork roll so special, just take a few moments to explore the site. Our History section is packed with details on the origins of the specialty, as well as facts that are little-known outside of our immediate area. Once you've filled your brain with history and trivia, get to work on filling your stomach with the finest smoked pork sausage rolls in the marketplace by placing your order right here. Our site features secure ordering online with your credit card, and you can also order by check if you call us directly at 1-800-943-5977.

The Finest Smoked Pork Sausage

Do the meats that you can pick up at your neighborhood grocer or butcher really cut the mustard? If they've been leaving you wanting more, why not try a smoked pork sausage that is known throughout the land for its unforgettable flavor? We're referring of course to Trenton's own famous rolls from well-known producers like Taylor, Case and Loeffler. You'll find all of their smoked pork loin roll varieties here, as well as several sizes of each. And if you should need larger restaurant sized rolls, just call us at the number mentioned above between 9 AM and 5 PM EST!

Amazing Smoked Pork Loin Roll

We don't think that anyone puts more effort and passion into their meats than the legendary producers right here in New Jersey. If you've been searching for the smoked pork loin roll that beats all the rest, just do your shopping online with We only stock the best varieties from the most trusted makers, and we're supremely confident that you'll love what you can mix up with them in your very own kitchen. Start exploring our site in detail now, and load up your cart with the best Trenton pork roll selection you'll ever see in one place!

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