Jersey Boy Pork Roll

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We are very pleased and proud to represent the Case Pork Roll family of products. The original Mr. Case began his business in 1870 in Belle Mead, New Jersey selling pork roll locally. The business is over 135 years old and continuing under family ownership. Case, like the other manufacturers, has its own unique guarded secret recipes but the basic ingredients are pork and seasonings. The product is processed and put into canvas bags and smoked and cooked for up to 24 hours and then vacuum packed. Since the product is completely cooked, it could be eaten, as can a hot dog, without further cooking but we surely wouldn't recommend that.

The Case brand products are packed in 1.5 pound rolls, 3 pound rolls and 6 pound rolls. Case also sells vacuum packed sliced product in both mild and tangy flavors in 6oz individual packages. The slices are the most convenient way to handle the product in the home. Crack open and pop on the grill or in the pan. There are many pork roll aficionados who insist on the rolls and that's why we offer them. Having visited the Case manufacturing facility, we know it is a quality product produced under very, very tightly controlled conditions. While it is true that Taylor brand products are occasionally found in supermarkets elsewhere, Case products are only available in the immediate New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania areas. Happily, their brand has many, many devoted followers in other parts of the country who only choose to enjoy Case which must be purchased from companies such as ours. We will do our best to persuade you that we are the premier provider in terms of service and competitive prices.

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