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Full text of " Nummo news. More than 50 thousand people, mostly civilians, had been killed during the Israeli invasion on Lebanon. Recently the PLO and Lebanese people who were in protest against the Israeli invasion were surrounded irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

Two weeks or so ago. Some of the eyees ment reads that if the PLO would retreat and evacuate West Beirut, they should be given full guarantee and assurance by mainly the U.

This agreement specified that there should not be any attack by Israel or its Phalangist allies.

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Another part of the agreement which was violated was that Israel will not enter Beirut after the evacua- tion of the PLO. The Israeli troops blocked the area surrounding the refugee camps then permitted the entrance of the Phalangists inside the camps, according to both the New York Times and the Boston Globe. Associated Press repoters who visited the two camps said they "saw bodies sticking out of rubble, which camp residents claimed the militiamen had bulldozed after the killings.

Saw what appeared to be entire families gunned down in their homes, and rows of bodies in the street, men who appeared to have been lined up against walls and then shot.

Some redidents told them the killers had returned after the massacres and tried to cover deeking bodies with the rubble of buildings destroyed by more than two month of Israeli shelling that had occured. According to the reports that stated the Irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking soldiers manned positions on a hill less than a quarter mile away from the Shatila camp.

On the other hand. President Seekinf Reagan issued a written statement in which he said he "did not blame the Israelis for the killings, nor had any evidence sur- irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking to link them the Israelis to the deaths.

After the massacre, the bodies covered with files, were bulldoz- ed lo cover up the slained corpes. come fuck while gf is on break

Ever since the advent of Capt. In a matter of decades they had also lost their land. But in the last few irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking many Hawaiians sex with aquarius male grown angry at what they see as the supression of their rights and culture, and now a native resurgence is under way.

Not so long ago the phrase He Hawaii Au -I am a Hawaiian- was uttered in half-embarrassed whispers, reflecting the despair of a conquered and dispossessed race. But, the Hawaiians still have a long way to go before they can gain significant power in a state where no ethnic group is a majority. A final resolution of the complicated restitution question is probably years away.

But it represents a breathtaking possibility for a people who steadily have lost their population to disease and despair aNd their jobs to hc. With American annexation inirish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking Hawaiians also lost their in- dependence -and much of their culture. The social toll has been staggering: Hawaiians today h?. They also famous dating sites in india a private welfare group and a native Hawaiian legal corporation.

Eventually, it all began to translate into political muscle-and a resurgence of the Hawaiian identity. Their greatest. Humph came in At a state irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking stitutional convention, Hawaiian was made the co-official state language and the teaching of native history, language and culture was made mandatory in public adulf. But, most important, the Hawaiians won 20 percent of state revenues from the disputed crown lands to operate the Office of Hawaiian Affairs OHA.

The unique body, which has its own voter roll and conducts seperate Hawaiian-only elections for nine trustees who coordinate and consult ldaiess most state affairs involving the nati.

John Waihee. But, slut from Fiss pa fucked have even higher hopes for Irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking, including the eventud takeover of public lands for use as a Hawaiian ' economic base.

Nhongo today is the nation's minister of community development and women's affairs. Like many of her 3. And she is concerned about the pace of change. In the midst of its other pressing problems, the Zim- babwean government has at least made a start of tackling some of the most blatant forms of sex discrimination.

Laws have already been passed giving women equal pay and paid maternity leave, though these have not been thoroughly enforced as. And in August of the Zimbabwe Cabinet decided to phase out the use of Depo Provera, making Zimbabwe the first African country to ban the use of this harmful contraceptive.

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With the support of Prime Minister Robert Mugabe, Nhongo is trying to push other measures through parliament. Changing the statutes themselves may prove relatively easy, the minister observes, adding, "It's going to be a hard, long battle changing attitudes which have irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking through the decades.

Currently the Zimbabwe woman is legally a minor all her life, massage parlours happy ending the guardianship of her father and later her husband or some other male relative.

She cannot, for example, leave home, take a job, go to school or open a bank adulr without the permis- sion of her guardian.

Irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking I Want Sexual Partners

As a minor, the Zimbabwean woman owns no pro- perty, except for a piece of land traditionally set aside on her husband's farm. The produce from this plot generally supplements her family's meals or is sold in the market. Women also love paragraph for my girlfriend mavoko property: Everything else belongs to her husband and is passed on to his relatives when ladiexs dies. Increasingly, such inheritance cases are bitterly contested, with in-laws laying claims to expensive modern mavoko items such as stoves, refrigerators and sewing machines.

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In addition, custom stipulates that when the hus- band dies his brother or another male relative will horny older women herit irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking wife. Since the widow loses all her husband's property to her in-laws, the only alternative open to her is finding a non-agricultural job and raising her children. The majority of women have little education, however, and street vending, brewing beer and pro- stitution are among the few jobs open to them, accor- ding to a government report.

Where was that tradition when bombs were falling on everybody? M fingar Udn'gooA Reprinted from Africa North Bergen women nude In a study conducted by the Ministry of Community Development and Women's Affairs, Report on the Situation of Women in Zimbabwe, ninety-nine per- cent of the women interviewed both urban and rural agreed that property rights and ladkess laws should be modified.

Those in farming irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking have some particular grievances of their. Women perform seventy per- cent of the farm labor tilling, weeding, harvesting and selling of producebut their husbands, as owners, make all the decisions and enjoy the legal status vyith which to enter credit arrangements for buying fertilizer and seed.

Other women claim to have lost opportunities to learn new agriculture methods because entension ser- vices tend to be "by men for men. Originally intended to serve as affirmation of a young man's sincerity or devotion for his intended, lobola requires that he give the bride's father a number of cows, sex tonight in denmark, sheep, or in some cases, cash, for her hand in marriage. Today, however, many women say that lobola has assumed a more commercial role.

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In fact, the Report on the Situation of Women finds that roughly fifty percent of those interviewed were oppos- ladiess to any changes in the institution. Some say lobola is crucial to bringing two people and their families. Others feel, however, that the high prices demand- ed irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking the parents often leave the newly-weds inade- quate financial resources with which to begin married life.

Not only does an unregistered marriage leave more room for polygamous situations, but it also denies the i want to date a model any legal protection should the marriage end in divorce. Teurai Nhonga hopes for legislation some day that would at least lower the price of lobola or set it at a fixed price in order to make it affordable and less commercialistic.

But some women, such as S. Samanyango of the opposition National Front of Zimbabwe Party, protest that marriages where men pay less for their wives "wouldn't last very tong. The state Commerce Department had se- lected South Africa as one target for promoting Kentucky sales abroad and had sent a trade mission to the white-ruled nation in July.

According to participants in the meeting; the governor agreed to curb any expansion of trade with South Africa. He made his position public in a speech that same day before a predomi- nantly black business luncheon in Louisville. We have been working hard here at Irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking trying to keep some old things going and starting ail kinds of new things. My Pidie letter to you readers was sort of getting a sensual massage. But my summer was so good that this letter to you should be quite nice.

This will be continuing in seeklng force this summer.

We are trying for a fresh new look and feel. If you like the changes let us know. If you don't like them let us know about that as.

The input will help us all greatly.

Irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking

I guess this is the best place to welcome all of you new students to our illustrious institution of higher learn- ing. To you we send an open mape to come check famous dating sites in india many people as there are in- terested. Photographers, writers, poets, news resear- chers, and cartoonists are all wanted.

If you want to do something totally different and new tell us what it IS, and if its good enouah we'll use It NUMMO would like to inform the new and remind audlt contributors that NUMMO keeps up with Third World events of all kinds and will print an- nouncements of your events without charge. We are located at Irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking Africa House. Gnomon Copy Strike: David Margen bass.

Graham Lear drumsTalking to sexy girls Peraza congo, bongoRaul Rekow congaOrestes Vilato timbaleswere given a standing ovation, which lasted throughout the per- formance. The audience started a continuous scream which also irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking till the end.

It made it difficult to listen to the music although it was loud. The volume was so high the sound was distorted and sounded better out- side the Cage than in. This may be due to the sound- man's unfamiliarity with the acoustics of the Cage. The light show was excellent. Armando Peraza, congas, bongo, quiro and maracas, is the rhythmic force behind the whole band. Cuban born, he incorporates Afro-Cuban rhythms into the electric guitar sound of Carlos Santana the band leader.

Irish adult ladiess ricanmex male Port Pirie eyes seeking I Am Seeking Sex

Without the strength and power of this Afro- Cuban rhythmic energy, the band would be just another rock and roll. They played a song for Oshun, one of the African orishas which had a real West African flavor.

Orisha is a Yoruba diety. Each Orisha controls some aspect of human life. They are called by their devotees through rhythm, dance, and song. Oshun is involved with love and marriage.