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Men loving men stories

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The concept of a straight swingers in Francestown falling in love with another man might seem completely contradictory. A man-loving straight guy sounds a lot like an oxymoron; however, it's not. Men who identify as straight have, in fact, fallen in love with their male best friends.

How is that possible? Doesn't that mean they're gay or bisexual?

Not necessarily. Who we love is much more complex than a label. A bromance knows no boundaries, and the heart wants what the heart wants.

Mike Iamele's story. Author Mike Iamele shared his personal experience as a straight man who fell in love with his straight male best friend on mindbodygreen.

Mike and Garrett. I knew who I was, without a doubt.

A man I had known for seven years. A man I had never before even thought of in a romantic way.

But, there I was, in love. See, two summers ago, I came down with a mysterious illness.

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Not the common cold kind. Not even the achy back kind.

This was the kind where you vomit massive amounts of blood throughout the day. The kind where doctors pass lovint from specialist to specialist.

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How their relationship changed. Mike explained how conflicted and confused he was about Garrett. He identified as straight, and yet, he was drawn to Garrett on a romantic, emotional and intimate level.

I knew this was it. This was the moment where I had to decide if I could allow myself to love a man against everything I had previously known about.

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This was the moment when I had to decide if I was going to take a step forward into this crazy idea of telling my best friend that I loved.

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