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N e r d dates

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My east coast charming but straight-forward ways will either annoy or delight.

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While nerds often make great partners in fact, many of us in the dating business consider them the unsung heroes of the single male demographicwomen usually h to overlook.

Thus, when a woman decides to give a nerd a chance, she often finds herself in uncharted territory. Instead, focus on his intelligence, faithfulness, and other great traits. Is he smart?

Computer savvy? Good in the sack?

The ultimate nerd calendar by Dutch strategic technology agency Q42 contains the most important dates in a programmer's life. Just put them in. Of course, there is a time and place for those dates as well, but at Nerd Fitness we felt our role was to give you nerdy and fit date ideas so. There's a secret that almost everybody is in on, and it's that nerds make the best everything: partners, hookups, and spouses. I had a friend who.

Make sure he knows you recognize what makes him a great man. To belittle or make fun of his hobbies is to belittle.

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Instead, give him free rein to express his quirkiness. Ask him why he loves his favorite sci-fi books or movies.

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Try playing his World of Warcraft game at least occasionally. Pay attention when nerd-dom hits national news.

For example, when Disney purchased the entire Star Wars franchise for a sum numbering in the billions and announced plans to release more Star Wars movies.

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That said, taking interest in you and your interests is something he should also do for you. Love him for who he is, and he will be a loyal partner. It pretty much sums up our relationship.

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Updated 02/01/ New geek holidays added in January, February and to geek - and tech-related holidays, anniversaries, release dates. A stereotypical 'perfect date' is usually represented visually by a couple sat around a dinner table in a darkened corner of a restaurant, with a. Some geek date night ideas that are perfect for Valentine's Day or any other day of the year.

By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Never knock his nerdy tastes.

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Actually take an interest in his nerdy stuff. Celebrate your common ground.

You may have different interests, but one way to spend quality time with your nerdy guy is to watch sci-fi movies or TV shows that also appeal to female non-nerds. Here are some of my favorites: Game of Thrones n e r d dates popular, Game of Thrones chronicles seven noble families fighting for control of a mythical land.

With its backbiting, battles, and sexual intrigue, this show is about as addictive as they come. On HBO.

Set in the future, a totalitarian leader selects a boy and girl from each of 12 districts and forces them to fight to the death until only one stands. This is a gripping, well-acted movie with a very strong female main character. Star Warsthe original trilogy—On a cold or snowy day, pop n e r d dates popcorn or grab some beers and watch the old trilogy.

It has memorable characters including a strong womanlots of good humor, and a cosmic theme that appeals to. It has none of the cheesiness of Star Trek n e r d dates everything it lacked—sex, violence, drama, very strong women, and seriously hot guys.

You can find all the episodes on Netflix. Read this: Nerd Alert: More From Thought Catalog.

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