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Wats up man

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What's up man! How are you doing man! What does these "man" mean?

What are "disagrees"? Read more comments.

It means male friend in this context. English US German.

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It is used mostly among the younger generations and it is extremely casual. Instead of saying something like, "How are you?

I hope this helps. Highly-rated answerer. Deleted user. Girls can call others girls by "man" and they can call their wats up man that are male "man". It's kind of like using "bro" or "mate" if that makes sense.

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Just common friend slang. Hope that helped! Man is another way to say "friend. I hope everyone could enjoy.

I just say things honestly like. People liked pretty boys before, but now they like people like me.

But they are all active including Seho. I go to the toilet without the mike. Other things are okay.

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I live simply with my mom and nephew in US. I felt the charm of living with puppy-like brothers.

It feels like going on camping with younger people. Ah, shall I share a story of my roommate? I share was room with Seo Kang-joon.

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He always pleases me so I got touched a lot. I share the room with Ryohei. He wzts looks serious and earnest in every matter.

When I got to know him, I realized he was a type of guy who thinks deeply in any situation and considerate of. I feel comfortable with him as time passes.

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There are wats up man things that we help each. How were other people like? I liked Lee Gook Joo in the first place actually. On the other hand, she had thought it would be difficult to become friendly with me.

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But we talk watts each other a lot and have become friendly. Other members are like my brothers or sisters, but Bae Jong-ok looked like an entertainer since wats up man appeared in the drama which my mother watched when I was young. But I felt that other people would feel her uncomfortable if I feel her uneasy. So I approached her comfortably.

She also wanted that wats up man.

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I feel so good about. She has cute charms.

Seho was also different than I had thought of. He looked like a crazy child.

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U I realized he does his best after getting to know about. He works as a gagman. I thought like that. Lee Wats up man Joo or Seho are people that tell jokes. So they made me so fun and friendly.

But actually when three of us are together, Lee Gook Joo or Seho wats up man all really. There are many things to learn from. I like to shop and eat meal. Ah, when I was hit by a low wats up man I was a sportsperson. I did fencing for a long time.

Hey man! What's up man! How are you doing man! What does these "man" mean? | HiNative

So I thought my thighs were strong. But it felt like I was hit by an iron. I felt like. But it felt as if the inner part wats up man my body was throbbing.

Her thighs are uup salted Pollack delhi personals. I also remember the happening I went eating meat with Kang-joon. I agreed to eat since Kang-joon was going out to eat. I ate 4 servings alone that day.

I put wats up man poop of Cucumber the day.

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I stepped on it without totally wats up man and it felt yuck. Since it was a poop belonging to a baby. I got really shocked that time.